European Travel Tours – Don’t Miss Anything

Europe boasts of rich cultural heritage and some amazing landscapes. It is the favorite travel destination of people around the globe. Everyone wants to at least holiday once in Europe. Europe is just like an old wine in new bottle. It retains the flavor of its old culture, awe-inspiring history, and ancient architecture. It has very well adapted to modernization without losing its hold on its roots. This indeed is praiseworthy. In case, you too want to taste the flavor of this continent; then you should immediately get in touch with a travel agent and book your trip right now.

Usually the tours begin in London and then cross the channel to visit Paris. The European travel tour comprise of visits to all big cities because they are the hub of socio-cultural life of Europe. tour uc The best hotels are also found in these cities. It is better to plan a vacation for two or three weeks if you want to see the places properly. Although, this time is also less for you to substantially see Europe but you can have a fairly decent trip. There is lot to see in Europe and each place requires at least a few weeks. It is best to get in touch with a European travel tour which would show you the maximum number of places in your limited time frame.

From Paris you can move to Rome with small excursions to ancient cities of Pompeii and Florence. Italy is known for its medieval towns and cities; and when in Italy you should not forget to visit the gem of medieval hill towns. Yes, Panicale is one of the best medieval hill towns with streets arranged in oval pattern. You can rent a place to stay here as it is located in the center of the town. The food served here is delicious and you also get to sip the best wines. This place has well-preserved city walls, buildings, towers, Palazzo del Podesti, Palazzo Pretorio, and churches.

Next, you can visit Burano in Italy by taking a 40-minute ferry from Venice. Burano is a welcome change from the medieval set up of Italy. The buildings in this place are brightly colored and vibrant. It is said that the fisherman wished to see their houses when at sea so they colored their houses in bright colors so that they can be noticed from a distance. This place is known for its laces and seafood. It has a lace museum which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Plan a European travel tour this holiday.

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