Most Expensive Vintage Toys

Kids and adults have very different relationships with toys. Kids like to actually play with them, and adults tend to want to keep them pristine and unopened for all eternity. Oh, well. In many cases, but not all, it’s those unopened toys that fetch the biggest prices on eBay. Some of these auctions make you look at the junk stored in your attic in a whole new way. Here are 10 of the most expensive toys sold so far on eBay.

1. Antique Teddy Roosevelt Marble
That’s right: a marble. Made around 1900, it is a clear marble enclosing a depiction of former president Teddy Roosevelt. Only three are known to exist, which explains the $4500 it fetched at auction.

2. Aquaman Comic from the 1960s
Aquaman has achieved iconic status since his creation in the 1960s by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger, and vintage Aquaman comics can bring in a pretty penny. This one comic, meticulously kept, had a winning bid of $5,000!

3. Yoshiya Super Sonic Space Rocket
This Japanese marvel featured technology like engine lights and something called bump and go action. This particular specimen was very well cared for, with the lithography in great condition. That would help explain the $4,800 winning bid.

4. Star Wars POTF Tri Logo Ewok Combat Playpack from 1984
These are extremely rare, despite being less than 30 years old, so they get top dollar, and they sell fast. This particular one was never opened, making it extra collectible. Top bid? $5,998.98.

5. 1970s Jumbo Machiner Tetsujin Robot
It resembles a Transformer and was actually made by the same company, Bandai. The ones marketed in Japan, like this one, were made out of the same kind of plastic as shampoo bottles. It went for $6,500.

6. Dunhill Leather Backgammon Set
Made by Dunhill of Paris in 1970, this backgammon set has real leather triangles and a hand-stitched case made of leather. There aren’t very many of them left, explaining the winning $7,500 bid.

7. French Marionettes, ca. 1985
The specimen in question is a cat design made by an expert puppet maker from Atelier France. When it was auctioned in 2010 it was approximately 25 years old and fetched $8,900.

8. Radicon Robot Japan 1957
This was the original RC robot toy, dating back to 1957. This was a seriously engineered toy for the times, and the company, Masudaya, also gained attention for the thick tinplating on the toy. This one was one of a set of 5 different models, and went for $8,999.

9. Marklin Hand-Painted Beer Wagon
Toy beer wagons aren’t made in large numbers, particularly not hand-painted ones. This one is 15 inches long and even though it was missing a few barrels, it still fetched $9,000.


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