Wheelchair Lifts for Home: Safety Issues Addressed by a Physical Therapist

Potential questions have come up on the safety of using a wheelchair lift in the home for my clients. Designed to provide simple transportation from level to level, the use of a lift will without question improve the quality of living of persons with physical disabilities. In my practice, the question “Are wheelchair lifts for home safe or not?” has become a common one whenever one decides to buy a lift device.

What has made the usage of a lift in the home hazardous in the eyes of some? Lets take a closer look. lift rumah

Nearly 50% of reports of wheelchair lift injuries feature a trapped limb or family pet getting caught during the lifting procedure. These types of accidents are user caused and cannot be associated with any raised safety risk from the device itself.

Roughly 25% of injury reports of wheelchair lifts in the home are caused by faulty installation of the lift device and not the device itself. A vast majority of these incidences were the result of the user or a family member believing they could self-install the lift when in fact they should have consulted a professional to assist in the install.

The remaining incidences of lift malfunction are from the normal wear and tear of the lift device itself. Just like any other mechanical appliance in the home, the lift does require intermittent maintenance to maintain its function and working status. Failure to do so can result in malfunction and potential injury.

In the end, as a physical therapist I highly recommend acquiring a wheelchair lift for your home to assist in mobility. If installed properly and maintained throughout the years, your lift will provide many years of usage and assistance.

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